Client Feedback



“You [and Paige Zeigler] have been absolutely great. I can’t thank you both enough for your immense support.”

—Sam Cossman, Explorer & Filmmaker


“Really sincere in my love and appreciation for you as a person.
You are incredibly talented.”

—Monica Leonelle, Author & Columnist


“I run my business with a qualitative approach, and Emily’s writing work meets my stringent standards. She is thorough, does her research, is well-worded, and writes with heart. She is a prompt and authentic communicator, who does all of her work passionately and with gratitude. Emily is versatile, having assisted me with event preparation, art direction and setup for portrait shoots, and photography studio setup. She is very approachable, and makes it clear that she welcomes opportunities, and is happy to help others. She has also been a fresh and unique perspective, and a valuable contributor, during brainstorming sessions and project planning... My only complaint is that there isn’t two of her, because I would love to delegate more work to her!”

—Katherine Vega, Concert Photographer


“You are magic.”

—Paul Farmer, Master Goldsmith


“Fantastic. Thanks so much.
You do great work.”

—Rob Stenberg, Fine Artist


“Emily took on an expanded role with the magazine and is now the go-to resource for content acquisition, in addition to the additional writing she has taken on both with longer form editorial for “Dream, Girl” in May and “Higher Purpose Project” in July, but also in contributing long-form captions and to the overall editorial process. She is able to effectively develop her pieces thoughtfully and incorporate editor feedback without losing her own voice in the process. The visual storytelling she is doing through the content she is creating and sharing on social media effortlessly aligns with company’s “why,” and has also proved to be both an engaging new way to showcase the creatives on our platform and from the magazine. Her organizational ability and no-frills style to effectively manage our social media presence is flawless. She has also shown her ability to juggle a variety of other administrative tasks we all appreciate. The thoughtfulness and attention to detail she gives to even our internal projects speaks volumes to the level of care she gives to the work she presents. Emily continues to impress all of us with her unending belief in the creative community, her excitement for the work we do together, and with her contributions across a wide spectrum of areas.”

—Paige Zeigler, Editor-in-Chief & CEO