The Sahuaro Story: Manifesto Entry #1

The Brand

Hi there! My name is Emily Rudolph and I founded Sahuaro Media based on the belief that we do what makes us happy, we tap into our potential to become absolutely extraordinary. Or as Danielle LaPorte would say,


"If you know how you truly want to feel in your life — then you’ve got to hook that awareness up to some action."


By doing what I love most in this world, I've been able to hone my skills across a wide array of areas while cultivating a thriving professional network of soulful creatives and entrepreneurs. Today, Sahuaro Media offers everything from all-encompassing print & digital branding suites to one-off collateral designs, social media management and so much more.


The Vision

When I founded Sahuaro Media I was unexpectedly unemployed for the first time in my life, freshly bounced from a wasteland of millennial start-ups that didn't quite make the cut, and feeling utterly weightless after losing my dream job to circumstances beyond my control.


I'd just spent two-and-a-half years empowering creatives in countries around the globe to risk it all on harnessing their inspiration in the form of creative expression. 


It was a feeling of purpose like I had never known. Yet there I was... questioning my willingness to be vulnerable for my own art.


You see, I'd become addicted to this idea of living my passion. It was as if I'd fallen in love all over again, and I really just could not (and cannot) get enough. It was at this point in my life that I finally realized it was up to me and only me to engineer a life that catered to both my highest regarded passions, but also to my desired level of self care.

I flashed back to The Higher Purpose Project at Mt. Hood a year prior, recalling travel journalist Ryan Van Duzer talking to us about “the pain cave,” a place we must endure in pursuit of our passions — before exiting blissfully on the other side.

The point? Nevertheless, I persisted.


Flash-forward 11 months and a plethora of super intimidating, but overall successful freelance gigs later: My brain children Sahuaro Media (The Artist) and #TheWanderingSahuaro (The Explorer) were born.

#TheWanderingSahuaro is a chapter of Sahuaro Media dedicated to enlivening a global community of freelancers, digital nomads, and explorers. Aside from offering a variety of high-vibing artwork incorporating our favorite travel treasures, #TheWanderingSahuaro also offers resources in blog form for you to live a life by your own design.

In 2017, #TheWanderingSahuaro will be expanding to form a movement of changemaking soulpreneurs and digital nomads who are passionate about engineering a life by their own design.

Become a part of the movement here by joining our Facebook group, Indiepreneurs Unite!


The Journey

In Kundalini Yoga, 'creativity' is referred to as “the fire within,” or the powerful energy that is rooted within each of us. It is with this teaching in mind that my partner JR and I decided to come together in the manifestation of our desired lifestyles. We decided to engineer a shared lifestyle focused on the present, fueled by the spirit of adventure... 

Image by Laveen Photography - Phoenix, AZ

Image by Laveen Photography - Phoenix, AZ


A life shrunken down to only the necessities and what we love most in this lifetime — #vanlife style. (Okay, not so much a van as an 18.5' 1971 Shasta Timberline Trailer — #TinyHouseLife style.)


JR and I had agreed that this tiny house idea would be the first of many phases in launching a series of explorations we've wanted to embark on for some time, but it's also the first milestone in a grander effort:

To show people that creative freedom is absolutely within reach if you are willing to take the risk. Creative freedom doesn't mean giving up on your career; it just means you get to color outside the lines a bit more.


Dreams only stay dreams if you let them.


I suppose you could say our decision to hit the road was sort of a self-inflicted 'put your money where your mouth is' revelation, certainly one that will have changed our lives forever.

By turning the spotlight on ourselves, we seek to empower other like-minded makers to cultivate a tangible, creative lifestyle of their own. One that caters to the smoldering passion locked within. 


Want To Hear More?

Make sure to join our tribe and visit us on the blog to follow our latest adventures! We'll be documenting our explorations along the way in addition to sharing client interviews, freelance inspiration, and life-hacks for aspiring digital nomads.