Why Portland: Stretchy Pants & Tiny Living

Sahuaro Media's relocation to Oregon has been a long time coming and I am so truly excited for the opportunity to share the following announcements!

  • Sahuaro Media & The Wandering Sahuaro are ecstatic to announce we'll be moving to Portland, Oregon in May!
  • I am incredibly stoked to be working with Portland-based apparel company Leggings Lady PDX as an official ambassador! (Read on to get the dirty details & find out how you can get 20% off all March long!)

As many of you know, Sahuaro Media (and our sister brand The Wandering Sahuaro) have always been firmly rooted in the spirit of adventure — more specifically, in the lifestyle of digital nomads.

For a long time now I’ve believed that creativity and adventure directly correlate with each other and that engaging in new experiences creates space for new facets of inspiration. 

Applying creativity throughout our daily lives is something that ultimately brings us closer to our higher selves. Bestselling author and creative guru Elizabeth Gilbert describes this as “Devotion to inquisitiveness.”

“I believe curiosity is the secret,” she says. “Curiosity is the truth and the way of creative living. Curiosity is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Furthermore, curiosity is accessible to everyone."


“I believe curiosity is the secret. Curiosity is the truth and the way of creative living. Curiosity is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Furthermore, curiosity is accessible to everyone."



To be really honest with you guys... I haven't been able to consistently devote space to my inquisitiveness in quite some time. Since finding myself unemployed a year or so back, I've focused almost all of my free time on work and starting my freelance business. 

JR and I went into survival mode. 
My yoga practice suffered. 
My meditations dwindled. 
Eating habits became go-to takeaway spots. 
Our anxiety levels shot through the roof.
And my ongoing battle with depression picked up where it had left off only a few of years before. 

The magic carpet had officially been yanked from under me. 

And for a handful of months there, I was struggling with the apparent fact that I would no longer be able to focus my most blissful energies solely on bringing the passions of others to fruition

When I found myself unemployed January of 2016, it truly felt as if I had only two options:

Option #1 - Hide. Wait it out. 5 million creative, ultra-passionate people around the world will forget about all this in a few months right? WRONG.

These people were and are still amazing, beautiful humans. From collaborators to some of the most intrinsically rewarding friendships, they've stuck with me.

I have expressed tears of joy on more than one occasion in response to their unending support coming in from all corners of the globe. (But more on this later...)


Option #2 - Keep. Moving. Forward. Put my money where my mouth is. Pour my savings into supplies. Start my business. Fake it til' I make it. Hustle until my haters ask if I am hiring. All of the badassery. 

Except... it was really f*cking scary! And I felt lost on my own, without the support (and security) of a team behind me. 

I realized that up to this point, I'd merely been existing within my dreams. I hadn't really been 'living' them. While working for a fast-paced creative startup, much of my job was communicating with seriously A-M-A-Z-I-N-G creatives, changemakers, explorers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in order to share their story to a community of makers around the world who are constantly in search of tangible inspiration. In search of hope. 

I fell in love with these people's stories. With their struggles. I guess you could say true love is what ultimately released me from my self-inflicted case of impostor syndrome. It was during this time in my life that I finally understood what I needed to do: Go.



Despite being born and raised in Arizona, Oregon has always felt like my natural habitat. After staying at Mount Hood for The Higher Purpose Project summit in 2015, I was infatuated with even the tiniest hint of anything Oregon. A license plate... a local brew. It didn't matter. I just freaking loved Oregon.

JR is the same. I don't know what it is about OR, but she calls to us. I feel alive there like I can breathe clearer than I ever have before.

Not to mention, apparently I look like I am from Portland. Or so I've been told... I've actually been told that so many times lately in response to this announcement that I'm starting to feel like this is my return to the mother ship or something!

For two years JR and I have been manifesting a life in this place, focused on identifying the right opportunity, one that would not only reignite my devotion to inquisitiveness but also allow us to start our long-term tiny house journey and hit the road to OR.

(We share a vision of owning our own tiny house homestead in Oregon someday, and eventually taking our rolling house on a cross-country road trip #vanlife style.) What we didn't consider was that by prolonging our efforts, we were actually falling into a trap of our own: waiting for the right moment to come along. Allowing fear to hold us back from the adventure we so deeply yearn for. 

During a conversation with my close friend Sami Sattva of MindfulHellos.co I was reminded of an opportunity she'd mentioned a few weeks earlier. One that would require me to reside in the Portland area if I were to pursue it. At first, I didn't think on the idea much. But then I realized... I'd been wasting time!

What was the biggest thing I'd learned from my work in the years prior? Create your moment. Don't get stagnant. Keep. trying. new. things. 

Okay... So what now? 'Go.' I thought. 'Quit your day jobs, find a rig, and just go...'



Today I can happily report that we listened to that tiny voice. We've since put in my notice at work and are working tirelessly to pull together everything we need to transport our new, miniature life to the City of Roses.

The launch of Leggings Lady's ambassador program provided the perfect opportunity for me to put my creative process to work from the heart of one of JR and I's favorite places in the world. 

So, why Portland? Well first of all, we LOVE it there. And secondly, to get to know our new friends over at Leggings Lady PDX. Expect to see me helping out at future sales and pop-up shop events as their community continues to expand!

Many of you already know that I only seek ambassadorships with brands that I wholeheartedly recommend. Leggings Lady PDX in particular has burst onto my radar this past year and completely blown me away with their stellar customer service, insane local following and seriously comfy (and stylish) products. 

I'll be giving you umpteen reasons why I love this brand in upcoming blog posts, but for now here is a bit of background. Leggings Lady PDX is more than just a leggings shop! They are:

  • A Portland-based small business carrying super rad leggings, dresses, and tops both hip & comfortable. 
  • Selling comfort & fashion forward trends, primarily through leggings, kids leggings, and dress tops that fit a wide range of sizes.
  • Currently launching a U.S. ambassador program! More details to be shared soon... (If interested, click here to submit your application!)
  • Planning a series of pop-up shops which will be held in collaboration with various events across the U.S.

Here are a few of my personal faves from LeggingsLadyPDX! Available now:

(Almost there! Read on to get 20% off all March long!)




JR and I will be sharing all the dirty details on this new adventure as things progress. In fact, you may have noticed we cleared out all of our previous blog posts! That's because I've decided to re-launch the blog as a platform for documenting our tiny living journey from here forward. 

Our hope is that by documenting this journey, we can provide the tools and inspiration you need to tangibly pursue your own devotion to inquisitiveness. To follow your curiosity, and create the reality you desire. 

Always remember... Dreams only stay dreams if you let them. 

You are here for a purpose, and no dream is too crazy or too difficult for you to achieve. 

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